Payday | Spalding University Policy Guide

3.4.2: Payday

Non-exempt employees are paid every two weeks on Friday for the two-week pay period ending with the completion of the workweek on the previous Saturday. Exempt employees are paid monthly, and paychecks are issued on the last day of the month, if the last day of the month falls on a weekend, paychecks will be issued on the Friday just prior to the last day of the month. Faculty members are paid according to the terms of their written employment agreements.

Direct deposit is mandatory for all employees. Employees may set up direct deposit at the bank of their choice, however, every Spalding University employee is eligible to enroll in a “no monthly fee” checking and/or savings account through employee benefit banking programs at several local and national banks and credit unions. Please contact Human Resources for a list of banks offering employee benefit banking.

The first paycheck issued to a new employee will be a “live” check and will be made available to the named employee only, unless the employee authorizes the release of the check to another person who will sign for its receipt. Employees should always review each paycheck and pay stub to verify accuracy. If an error is discovered, please report it immediately to the Human Resources Director.