Campus Safety Department Policies | Spalding University Policy Guide

2.3.1: Campus Safety Department Policies

Spalding University places a high priority on keeping its campus safe for students, employees and visitors. Working together, there are many things the institution - its students and its employees - can do to lessen the chances of crime occurring.

Spalding deals with the possibility of crime three ways:

1. Through educational and awareness programs on crime prevention and emergency response targeted to students and staff;

2. Through continual safety enhancement to campus buildings and grounds, and

3. Through precautionary measures that touch every aspect of campus life.

Spalding students have the opportunity to learn safe personal living habits through programs sponsored by the Office of Student Development and Campus Life, Office of Residence Life, and the Campus Safety Department. Topics covered in these programs include how to:

1. Avoid becoming the victim of crime.

2. Recognize crimes when they occur.

3. Overcome fears about reporting crimes.

4. Keep informed of University policies - as well as federal, state, and local laws governing various crimes.

5. Develop a social responsibility toward others on campus, as well as in the surrounding community.

Among reported crimes, incidents of violent crime are infrequent. In cases such as rape, where crime so often go unreported, special programs have been initiated to encourage students to recognize “date rape” and overcome their fears of reporting it. But, like any other university, Spalding is not immune to crime of any kind, either student-to-student crime or crimes committed by those passing through the campus.

A record of crime on campus is posted annually as required by the Clery Act and can be viewed on the Spalding website located in the Campus Safety section under “Campus Crime Statistics”. A hard copy of this data, as well as the Minger Act data can be obtained from the Campus Safety Department office located in the Commons Building at 318 W. Breckinridge St.

These policies outline the specific educational programs and services offered by the Campus Safety Department and details the specific policies and procedures Spalding employs to deter and respond to crimes on campus. The Chief of Safety will gladly respond to any questions about safety at Spalding unanswered by these policies. Please contact the Chief of Safety or any member of the Safety Department at 873-4444 off-campus telephone or ext. 4444 from an on-campus telephone. In addition, contact Safety by e-mail at