Reporting Criminal Actions and Other Emergencies

Procedures for reporting criminal actions or other emergencies occurring on campus and the surrounding areas are well publicized and apply to students and all other members of the University community alike.

To report criminal behavior, as required by federal law (Clery Act) and state law (Minger Act), dial 2180 on-campus or dial 588-2180by outside line. You can also report crime by voicemail or campus e-mail.

All members of the University are provided with four on-campus telephone numbers to use in calling Campus Safety. In an emergency, you may dial ext. 2180 from any campus phone. This number rings directly to the radios carried by Campus Safety Officers. Also, dialing “0” from a campus phone will ring the Campus Operator during normal working hours, who can then connect you directly to Campus Safety. The desk station at Morrison Hall serves as Campus Operator after hours, and is in radio contact with security. For non-emergencies, call ext. 2178 during normal business hours (8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.)

From a pay phone, in emergencies, contact local police by dialing 911. (All pay phones will dial “911” free of charge.) Pay phones are located in Morrison Hall, and the Library lobby.

From a campus phone, (locations listed below), call ext. 2180 in case of an emergency and ext. 2178 for routine information. Campus phones can be found in the following locations:

1. University Center Building, first floor, south entrance lobby.

2. Egan Leadership Center, first floor, across from Bookstore.

3. Science Building, first floor at main entrance in lobby.

4. Administration Building, first floor at receptionist desk.

5. Administration Building East Wing, first floor, next to art studio entrance.

6. Morrison Hall, first floor at receptionist desk.

7. Library, first floor, at check out desk.

8. Third Street Academic Building, at front desk

The Spalding telephone directory - provided to faculty and staff- contains emergency phone numbers as well. It is University policy to have a Safety Officer of Officers respond to every emergency call. The department has developed an emergency response manual outlining appropriate responses to campus emergencies. When necessary, Campus Security personnel contact the appropriate local agency for assistance.

The residence director and the residence hall staff have established procedures to assist in responding to criminal actions or other emergencies. As soon as possible, all emergencies and criminal actions involving students are brought to the attention of the Vice President of Student Affairs who provides either appropriate follow-up or disciplinary action. The Vice President of Student Affairs is responsible to notify Campus Safety personnel in the event an emergency or criminal action comes to the Vice President of Student Affairs’ attention prior to Campus Safety involvement.