Student Record Release under the Solomon Amendment | Spalding University Policy Guide Student Record Release under the Solomon Amendment

The Solomon Amendment (10 USC §983, effective January 2000) is a federal law that mandates colleges and universities receiving federal financial aid funding to provide student recruiting information upon request to military recruiting organizations. The request and information released by the University is limited to military recruiting purposes only. The request for information must be in writing on letterhead that clearly identifies the military recruiting organization. Military recruiters must be from one of the following military organizations:

1. Air Force;

2. Air Force Reserve;

3. Air Force National Guard;

4. Army;

5. Army Reserve;

6. Army National Guard;

7. Coast Guard;

8. Coast Guard Reserve;

9. Navy;

10. Navy Reserve;

11. Marine Corps; and

12. Marine Corps Reserve.

The release of student recruiting information follows the FERPA guidelines defining student directory information (see above). Students are not permitted under federal law to restrict the release of this information specifically to military organizations, but if students withhold the release of directory information generally, then the University may not release this information to military organizations. The directory information released is limited to the current semester or the previous semester. If the request is received between semesters, the requestor must specify previous semester or upcoming semester. Further, students must be in an enrolled status (incomplete and complete registration status).