Short Term Disability

The University offers short-term disability to full-time eligible employees. Short-term disability is provided as follows: Employees having completed twelve (12) continuous months of employment at the University are entitled to six (6) weeks paid time off for any major surgery, illness, childbirth or adoption of a child in a rolling twelve (12) month period. When possible, employees shall notify Human Resources of their intent to utilize short-term disability within 7 days of the onset of the disability. Short Term Disability does not start until after employees have completed a two (2) week (10 business days) waiting period.  During the two week waiting period, employees must use paid time off (PTO). After the six weeks of short-term disability, the employee may use paid time off or other available disability insurance, if needed. The University reserves the right to request disability verification from the attending physician.


Note: Faculty Employees:

Full time faculty employees will accrue 4 hours of sick time per pay period.  They may carry over up to 30 hours of sick time each calendar year. Sick time may be used for compensation during the short term disability.