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The Library provides print and non-print materials and the appropriate equipment, services, and facilities to support the educational and research programs of the University. There are more than 160,000 volumes in the collection accessed via a state-of-the-art automated system, referred to as M.A.R.S. (the Mary and Mason Rudd System). Electronic and print indexes provide access to journals. These resources are augmented by external collections and services, particularly those of the Kentuckiana Metroversity, a consortium of 7 colleges and universities in the metropolitan area. A daily courier supports interlibrary loan among Metroversity libraries; this service provides access to over 3 million books and 20,000 journal titles. Access to resources is enhanced by CD ROM index union catalog of major libraries in Kentucky and provided by 9 CD ROM indexes of journals and books. Additional access to materials is provided through a membership in CDP and SOLINET/OCLC.

The University Media Center, housed in the library, is a vital part of library services. It provides a variety of audiovisual materials and equipment to meet small and large group needs. Assistance is provided to students needing to use these materials. Also housed in the library building are the Educational Curriculum Laboratory, the Huff Art Gallery, the Stein Center, a computer laboratory, University Archives, and the offices of the School of Business and the Department of Library/Information Sciences.

A more complete description of library resources, including its policies and procedures, can be found at the library’s Web site.