2.8.3: Use of the University Name, Seal and Logo

Members of the campus community, either individually or collectively, shall not officially use the name, seal or logo of Spalding University in any activity outside of the regular work of the University. Violation of this rule is regarded as sufficient cause for dismissal or expulsion. Spalding University’s name, seal, and logo are the exclusive property of the University and, consequently, may not be used in connection with goods or services offered by any outside organization without the prior permission of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations. Members of the campus community publish a considerable number of reports in the form of bulletins, circulars, scientific articles, monographs, and books, some of which are copyrighted and others of which are not. Material from such recognized publications is, of course, quotable, and proper recognition should be given to both the individual author and to Spalding University in connection with such quotations.

Official stationery may not be used in connection with “outside activities” except with respect to those academic and scholarly activities described above. No report or statement relating to outside activities may have the name of Spalding University attributed to it. The use of official Spalding University titles for personal gain or publicity is prohibited without the written approval of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations.