Retirement Plan | Spalding University Policy Guide Retirement Plan

Spalding University strongly encourages employees to set financial goals and plan for retirement. The University has a Defined Contribution Savings Plan 403(b), which enables employees to save for retirement on a pre-tax basis. The University plan is administered by the Standard ( For information on enrollment and contributions, please contact Human Resources. 

403(b) Review Committee

Chief Financial Officer
Executive Director of Human Resources
General Counsel

General Purpose:
The 403(b) Review Committee is responsible for reviewing the performance of the investments within the University 403 (b) plan. The committee regulary reviews the plan, with assistance from the Standard:
• to make and enforce rules for the efficient administration of the Plan;
• to decide which investment options will be available for contributions;
• to appoint such agents, counsel, and consultants as it deems necessary to assist in administering the Plan; and,
• to allocate and delegate duties and responsibilities.
Quarterly Meetings facilitated by the Standard.
Examples of key functions performed:
• Reviews plan performance
• Assesses investment selection to ensure a well-diversified investment selections with a variety of risk tolerance levels
• Monitors investment performance and adds, modifies, or removes investments when warranted
• Oversees plan costs