Use of Volunteers on Campus | Spalding University Policy Guide Use of Volunteers on Campus

Spalding University may use volunteers on campus to supplement the efforts of paid employees in meeting demands for a specific department, project or event. The volunteer relationship is one that is voluntary by both parties and does not create a contract between the volunteer and Spalding University. Both the volunteer and the University have the right to terminate the volunteer's association with the University at any time, for any reason, with or without cause.

Spalding University will not provide any health, accident or worker's compensation benefits for any volunteer. Volunteers will not be eligible to receive any worker's compensation benefits for any injuries sustained while functioning as a volunteer. Volunteers will have supervised access to University property such as computers, office equipment and materials but will not be granted access to the University’s information technology network, internal databases, email or voice mail. Volunteers will not be allowed to maintain office space, handle financial transactions or make unauthorized decisions related to the University or department in which they are volunteering.

The professional staff member who shapes an individual project will be responsible for the training and supervision of the volunteer. Prior to engaging in any activity, the volunteer must meet and visit with the supervisory staff member. The supervisor shall provide adequate training for any work assignments. Hours of volunteer service will be determined by the supervisor in discussion with the volunteer. There will be no formal evaluation process for volunteers.

The supervisor shall ensure that the volunteer is given a University ID badge, when appropriate. The badge should identify the individual as a volunteer, so as not to be confused with a staff member, work study student or graduate assistant.

Further information is available from the Human Resource Office.