Formal Resolution | Spalding University Policy Guide

2.5.1: Formal Resolution

If, after an informal discussion, the employee is not satisfied with the outcome, the employee shall present the problem in writing to the supervisor, with a copy to the Human Resources Director, advising that the employee is initiating the grievance procedure as outlined herein. The written statement shall state the nature of the complaint, when the circumstances giving rise to the complaint occurred, and a proposed remedy.

The supervisor shall provide the employee with a written response within 15 days. If the employee is not satisfied with the supervisor’s response, the employee shall, within 15 days, present the problem in writing to the supervisor’s supervisor. The supervisor’s supervisor shall then have a period of 15 days within which to response in writing to the employee. If the matter cannot be resolved, the employee shall then submit the written grievance to the next supervisor in line. The last appeal for academic unit concerns is the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; for all others, the last appeal is to the Vice President or senior administrator in charge of the business area in which the employee works. The Human Resources Director shall act as an ombudsman and be available to discuss grievances and suggest possible solutions and/or guide the aggrieved through the grievance process.

The provisions herein that allow an employee, through the grievance procedure, to present the employee’s side of any dispute do not modify, and shall not be construed to modify in any way, the at-will employment doctrine. Nothing in this section shall be, or shall be construed as, a contract or other commitment that requires the employer to have good cause or any cause for disciplinary action or for discharge of any employee. The University retains the final decision in any matter pertaining to disciplinary action or discharge and retains the right to terminate this grievance procedure at any step for any reason, including abuse of the grievance procedure.