Political Activities Policy | Spalding University Policy Guide

1.10.7: Political Activities Policy

Spalding University, an institution of higher education with a strong liberal arts tradition, supports open dialogue on political issues. The University reserves the right to support or oppose issues that affect its values, welfare, the University itself, and/or values and welfare of higher education. The University encourages its faculty, staff, trustees, students and recognized campus organizations to participate actively in political activities on an individual basis. The policies of Spalding University do not restrict the rights and privileges of faculty, staff, students, and recognized campus organizations to express their opinions freely. The University is committed to preserving and encouraging a diversity of point of view and political opinion.

Political activities on campus must be conducted in a neutral and nonpartisan manner, and in furtherance of the organization’s legitimate exempt function (education).

To preserve the integrity of Spalding University and to protect the neutrality of the University in political contests, the following guidelines shall apply. The Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for monitoring the guidelines.