Record Retention Policy | Spalding University Policy Guide

1.4.6: Record Retention Policy

Record Retention Policy – Academic Records   

Spalding University requires that University records be retained for specific periods of time, and has designated official repositories for their maintenance. The Registrar serves as the custodian of student academic records and is responsible for maintaining a permanent record of academic work completed by each matriculated student.  These records are used to assist academic departments in their support of institutional objectives and to document student progress and achievement.

Student academic records are maintained in multiple media including handwriting, print, Microfilm/fiche, computer’s main memory, magnetic tape, cassette, disk or diskette. The majority of these records are stored electronically in the University’s student information system (SIS), Ellucian Colleague and in the document imagining system, OnBase.  Access to information contained within these systems is restricted to individuals with a legitimate need to know or who must have access to student information in order to perform required job functions.   

To insure against loss of student academic information in the electronic records, data is backed up and stored by Spalding’s Information Technology department on a daily basis and is also housed on a server located off-campus in a secure environment.
Other University offices and departments have adopted procedures to ensure the security of student records.  Examples of such procedures include:

  • Using password protected databases that require authentication
  • Limiting access to passwords
  • Locking file cabinets and drawers where student records are stored 
  • Locking offices where student records are stored
  • Shredding paper documents in accordance with the approved record retention