Gifts and Favors | Spalding University Policy Guide Gifts and Favors

No University officer or employee shall give, solicit or accept for personal use, or for the use of others, any gift, favor, loan, gratuity, reward, promise of future employment or any other thing of monetary value that might influence or appear to influence the judgment or conduct of the officer or employee vis-à-vis University business. Officers and employees may accept occasional unsolicited courtesy gifts or favors (such as business lunches, tickets to sporting events or food baskets) so long as the gifts or favors have a market value under $100, are customary in the industry, and will not influence or appear to influence the judgment or conduct of such person vis-à-vis University business. Any such unsolicited gifts shall be immediately reported to the employee’s supervisor and shall not be considered the property of any one employee. Supervisors shall be responsible, if necessary, for the disposition of any unsolicited gifts. An employee may be exempted from the restrictions in this paragraph by an immediate supervisor as to a specified gift or favor. The exemption shall be in writing with a statement of the basis therefore.

Employees may not accept gifts from students which might influence or attempt to influence the judgment or conduct of the employee vis-à-vis the student. Discretion and common sense should be used.

Bribes and kickbacks are strictly prohibited. No gifts may ever be offered to or accepted from a government official.