Important Reminders | Spalding University Policy Guide Important Reminders

1. It is important to distinguish the copyright holder or owner from the author. Not in all cases will the two be the same. In many cases the owner of the copyright will be the publisher not the author. The intellectual property statement in the front of the publication will identify ownership of copyright and detail how to obtain permission to use the material.

2. It is not enough to simply give acknowledgement to the author when using the entire work or substantial portions of the work. Copyright code clearly states that in uses other than those that fall within the Fair Use Doctrine, permission must be obtained from the owner of the copyright.

3. Copyright notice on a work is not required for it to be protected. However, the owner of the copyright may not bring suit against violators if notice is not displayed and registered with the United States Copyright Office.

4. Copyright protection extends to works found on the Internet. All rules for copyright and the Fair Use Doctrine apply to Internet based works.