Teaching Assignments | Spalding University Policy Guide

3.2.1: Teaching Assignments

The University recognizes that administrative staff members often possess the academic qualifications as well as the desire to teach. Administrative staff members may teach a course if the following conditions are met:

1. The teaching will not interfere with the administrative staff member’s normal duties.

2. If the teaching will take place during regular working hours, approval must be received from the Dean of the College and the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. In this case, only one course per semester may be taught.

3. The administrative staff member must meet the academic qualifications normally required of a faculty member, and the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs must approve the appointment.

An administrative staff member who teaches will receive compensation only for courses taught outside of normal working hours. In that case, payment shall be at the same rate and in the same manner as other part-time instructors.

Administrative staff members who hold faculty rank but serve in non-faculty positions are subject to the terms and conditions of employment specified in Volumes III and V of the Policy Manual with respect to their non-faculty appointment. Such persons do not accrue any rights to continuing employment or any greater rights than those specified in Volumes III and V (or in their appointment agreement) of this Policy Manual with respect to such non-faculty positions.