Emergency Closings | Spalding University Policy Guide

2.1.4: Emergency Closings

<<p>The University will remain open, except for the most severe weather or other environmental conditions. When the weather is severe enough to warrant a change in our operating schedule, one of the following announcements will be made prior to the start of the workday (Monday – Sunday):
  1. Delayed schedule – A specified starting time for all University offices/administrative operations and the beginning of scheduled classes will be announced.

  1. University closed - All classes are cancelled and all University offices are closed.

In the event classes are cancelled, make-up session(s) may be required.

Should weather conditions deteriorate afterstudents, faculty, and staff arrive for work or class, a review of the decision for the University to remain open, including classes and office operations, will be made at either noon or during mid-afternoon.

Absence of nonexempt staff because of inclement weather when the University is open will not be remunerated, although employees may use personal or sick days. Maintenance, custodial, residence hall, dining services and security personnel are expected to report to work on days the University is closed due to bad weather.

As always, you are encouraged to use good judgment in evaluating your personal safety relative to the weather, the distance of your commute, and your comfort with the driving conditions.

For information regarding the University’s operating schedule, all students, faculty and staff may call the University weather line at 585-7102; on campus, you may dial ext. 2102.

The following television and radio stations will also have information regarding our operating status:

Television: WAVE-3, FOX 41, WLKY-32, and WHAS-11

If no announcements are made via the University’s voice mail system and/or Website or on local radio and/or television, the University is open and operating on a normal schedule.