Electronic Backup Policy | Spalding University Policy Guide

1.4.7: Electronic Backup Policy

Files saved or changed on network storage (i.e. Eagledocs, department folders) are backed up to disk nightly and to tape weekly.

Backup tapes are retained for 4 months and then erased, recycled or otherwise destroyed.

When an employee leaves the University and their account is deactivated, all data related to their account will be retained for 6 months unless the employee’s supervisor contacts IT to request an extension of the retention period.

Students: Student accounts and associated data are terminated and marked for deletion after 6 months (typically this is reviewed at the end of each semester) Students are notified and may request an extension if they plan to re-enroll.

Restoration Policy

If a student or employee needs a file restored, please contact techsupport@spalding.edu with specific information including the location of the file and the name of the file. Files saved to the Windows Desktop, a USB drive or other “offline” locations are not backed up or retained by IT. The IT Department has a target restoration of lost data or systems of 48 hours or less. 

Backup Monitoring and Testing

Backup jobs are monitored by IT staff. Backup job failures generate email notifications with an error message. Testing backups is done by restoring files. A log of restored files is maintained by the software. The IT office tests restores or performs users requested restores on a regular basis to ensure the integrity of the backup files. The IT department maintains backup files of systems and data with a goal of restoring a system in the case of a hardware failure or other system outage within 24 hours. 

Third Party Systems

The Information Technology reviews annual reports from third party systems to verify that they have appropriate backup and recovery procedures and testing.