Maintenance and Safety of Campus Grounds and Facilities | Spalding University Policy Guide Maintenance and Safety of Campus Grounds and Facilities

The University maintains a very strong commitment to campus security and safety. Members of Campus Safety conduct comprehensive surveys of the following:

1. Exterior Lighting - Surveys of exterior lighting on campus are conducted on an on-going basis. A comprehensive survey of all exterior lighting is conducted on an annual basis. Members of the campus community are encouraged to report any exterior lighting deficiencies to Facilities Management at ext.2793.

2. Exterior Doors/Locks - The department conducts a comprehensive survey of every exterior door and lock on an annual basis. Door and security hardware operating deficiencies are reported on a daily basis.

All exterior doors on campus are locked and secured each evening by Campus Safety personnel, but other University personnel secure some exterior doors, such as the front door to Morrison Hall. After buildings are secured, members of the department routinely check exterior doors each night.

The Safety Department maintains a key log to track which keys are assigned to faculty/staff employees. All keys issued must be signed for by the individual’s supervisor or higher and must be returned to the Safety Department upon cessation of employment.

3. Interior Lighting - The department conducts a comprehensive survey of every building’s interior lighting on an annual basis. Interior lighting deficiencies are also checked daily by Campus Safety Officers as they conduct mandatory foot patrols.

4. Emergency Equipment - Department personnel conduct a comprehensive survey of emergency equipment in each building on an annual basis. Deficiencies also are checked on a daily basis during routine patrols.

5. Shrubbery and Trees - The department conducts an annual, comprehensive survey of all shrubbery, trees, and other vegetation on campus. Facilities management personnel routinely trim the shrubbery and trees.

6. Parking Lots - Campus Safety actively patrol these areas.

As part of the preventive maintenance program, members of Facilities Management Department also perform a monthly survey of public areas lighting, which includes hallways, stairwells, conference rooms, and classrooms.